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Club Rules and Dojo Etiquette

  1. Respect the club rules.

  2. Your training partners are most important for you on the mat, therefore respect and protect them.

  3. On arrival greet everyone.

  4. When you step on the mat, have your gi on and your belt tied. While on the mat, keep both your gi and belt on.

  5. Use the changing rooms for getting changed, not the mat side or directly outside of the dojo.

  6. If you need to leave the class early, tell your instructor before the class starts.

  7. Do not eat on the mat (this includes chewing a gum).

  8. No footwear including wrestling socks is allowed on the mat. In case you need to cover your feet during training (ie due to a small cut or verucca), wear cotton socks which do not mark the mats.

  9. Keep your gi clean, your nails short and long hair tied back.

  10.  Remove or cover all jewellery before you start training.

  11. Pay the club fees on time. If the fees are not received, the club will contact you to make arrangements and you may incur a late fee charge.

  12.  If you are away from training for a longer period of time, tell your instructors.

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